February 4, 2005
NETI and Avacom agreement for cooperation. Read More
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NETI Group’s general purpose and activities focus on providing telecommunications in the forms of: (1) Telecommunications – IT(information technology) Services, (2) E-Commerce Solutions, and (3) Electronic Banking and Remittances to economically developing Third World nations, at the same time bridging the “Digital Divide” in economically developed countries. NETI’s initial projects are commencing in Central America.

NETI GROUP WORLD WIDE’s subsidiary (representative) companies are NETI, L.L.C., registered October 22, 2002 as a Limited Liability Company in the State of California, USA; NETI S.A., formed to specifically implement Central American projects (They include NETI corporations registered in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama.); and NETI Corporation Korea, positioned closely with Korean telecommunications and IT companies. The Korean group includes Opicom, Samsung, Eastern Telecom, and HTC (Highway Telecommunications Company) and Panama’s Mardafra (project engineering specialists). These firms are coordinating to bring state of the art E-business products and services to NETI’s Central American undertaking.

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