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Overview of Central America and Pending Projects

NETI Group, is established to aid all nations by opening windows for data and technology exchange. NETI promotes general E-commerce and moves local products and services into a high speed, sophisticated international system(s). NETIís projects cover a wide spectrum of telecommunication technologies, improving product and service connectivity.

With its focus on developing nations, NETI, L.L.C.ís projects are designed to touch, improve and expand the flow of information and commerce from the lowest levels of a developing nationís social strata through its middle class and its international connectivity.

NETI focus is on developing telecommunications and Inter-net Services to provide systems for developing countries. This will enrich the abilities to provide customer services and new, innovative products, further building economic solutions for the clients, merchants, bank communities, and the nation as a whole.

Note that NETI is neither politically nor religiously affiliated. It mission is to help underdeveloped countries as well as bridge the ďDigital DivideĒ in developed nations. A large part of NETIís future undertakings will involve humanitarian projects. These undertakings will be non-political and non-religious to preserve professionalism in the strictest sense.

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