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Participation in Joint Projects

Though NETIís primary purpose is to extend global telecommunications to Third World Nations, this objective does not foreclose NETIís willingness to participate in partnership with persons and organizations involving humanitarian projects unrelated to telecommunications. Such projects could include long-term betterment of agricultural, water, power, housing and transportation infrastructures as well as short term relief from natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Joint humanitarian programs of this nature are structured and administered financially by NETIís associate company, International Trade Corporate Holding (I.T.C.H.). Persons, Associations, Trusts, Foundations, Institutions and other organizations possessing requisite resources, cash assets, bank instruments and/or securities who wish to participate in funding a joint humanitarian project should apply through the NETI Board of Directors.

Prospective Joint Project Partners are requested to submit a Letter of Request and detailed Project Profile necessary for implementation of the proposed project(s). Emphasis should be placed on a Feasibility Profile, Management Structure, Financial Structure, Time-Line for Completion, Contractual Agreements and on-going development. Information should be stated indicating the ďCultural ImpactĒ of the project on the nation, region, and particular parties involved. This requirement is promote social sensitivity and cultural appreciation in planning the project.

If accepted the Project Profile shall provide for on-site management by NETI representatives with daily/weekly reporting to the NETI Board of Directors Headquarters in the United States. The commencement and completion date(s) for the project shall be fixed after consultation between the Project Manager and engineers performing on site inspections. It is anticipated that most of the projects shall be completed to meet the companyís time frame. At a projectís conclusion the Engineer shall submit a Completed Project Report.

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