February 4, 2005
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Converging Next-Generation Applications Over MPLS
Neti Group provides one of the most powerful and versatile fully managed IP VPN solutions available today. The Neti Group IP VPN Service™ now gives you greater reach than ever, wider connectivity, and unprecedented flexibility - supporting more applications, access options, billing models and multiple Classes of Service.  

One of the most powerful IP VPN offerings on the market, it is a secure, feature-rich service delivered over a true MPLS-based network core -- a true label-switched IP VPN with a full suite of features combined with the reach and capacity of Neti Group's fiber-optic IP network.

  • IP, world's most advanced MPLS-te backbone.
  • Global managed service - managed end-to-end turnkey solution for full service lifecycle support. Learn more about Neti Group's managed service offering.
  • Business connectivity - interact with office, partners, industry communities, and customers regardless of location or application.
  • Remote access - securely connect mobile users and remote sites to your network from just about anywhere in the world, with Neti Group Remote VPN Access.
  • Virtually unlimited capacity - scale up when you need to, easy to modify for increased traffic and media rich applications.
  • Logical migration path - leverage your existing network investments while providing a migration path to the MPLS-based IP VPN service of the future.
  • Global support - simplifies network management through one provider, one account team, and multilingual customer support.
  • Multiple billing options - choose from usage-based, flat rate, and committed with usage.
  • Cost effective - consolidates Layer-2 and Layer-3 applications economically on our secure private network.
  • Aggressive SLAs - for jitter, service availability, latency, packet loss and MTTR - based on CoS with QoS.
  • Security - private segregated VPN for each customer, with dedicated IP VPN provider edge routers (PRs) isolated from the public Internet, no visibility between Neti Group's IP VPN PRs and Internet access routers (Ars), anti-spoofing in provider edge router (PR), secure Internet access option, and 24x7 operational security team.

Maintain control - industry-leading online account management tool, iControl, gives you access to the information you need, securely and instantly.

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 Count on global access that grows with your business
Reach the world with ease. Let the world reach you. Conduct your Internet activities on our worldwide IP-based backbone for an enterprise-wide solution. Do business anywhere, anytime with exceptional speed, security, and reliability.


  • Tier 1 provider status - ensures congestion-free, high-performance transmission.
  • State of the art network - MPLS traffic engineered backbone with full-mesh redundancy for high performance.
  • Seamless global network - enables you to link to sites around the world with the reach and capacity of the world's most extensive IP network.
  • Full-service Internet solution - handle all your business needs with one provider, one platform.
  • Flexible connection options - link via local loop, Colocation, Metro Ring and Ethernet based solutions.
  • 24x7 network reliability - monitoring, service, and support stand behind aggressive Service Level Agreements.
  • Online management tool - monitor usage, track provisioning status of all dedicated orders with iControl
  • Enhanced services - Managed Services for your end-to-end CPE installation, implementation, monitoring and repair/response needs.

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Improve your network performance
Get more data transmission for your money. Consolidate your networks with this cost-effective, worldwide solution. Count on the reliability of a seamless, self-healing network, plus integrated service and support. Get stable, flexible network transmission on a global scale.

What's the best way to get more data transmission for your money? Neti Group Managed Frame Relay with Bundled Site Pricing. Get each Frame Relay port and local loop together for an integrated price representing up to a 20 percent discount. Find out more.

Neti Group will waive non-recurring charges commonly associated with service installation, and help you accelerate your ROI for featured Neti Group's services. Learn More


  • Cost-effective - replace multiple dedicated line connections and reduce costs.
  • Fast, reliable data transmission - supports bursty traffic, eliminates network congestion.
  • Reach and capacity - one of the world's most extensive FR/ATM networks allows you to link sites around the globe free from interoperability concerns.
  • Streamlined service - single provider relationship streamlines contracts, provisioning, and ongoing service.
  • 24x7 network reliability - extensive monitoring, service, and support infrastructure stands behind aggressive Service Level Agreements.
  • Remote Access Service - highly secure remote access options for your Frame Relay network allows traveling employees, telecommuters and Extranet partners to securely connect to your private network. More on Remote Access Service.
  • Enhanced services - Managed Services for your end-to-end CPE installation, implementation, monitoring and repair/response needs.
  • Online management tool -monitor usage, track provisioning status of all dedicated orders with iControl.

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Step up to NG bandwidth on demand
Grow with ATM's capacity, speed and flexibility. Match your applications to multiple Class of Service levels. Reach T-1, E-1 or greater speeds through our state-of-the-art ATM IMA offering, without the expense of fiber-optic access. Implement worldwide
managed services support for your CPE; complete end-to-end solution. Rely on our seamless, self-healing network, plus integrated service and support.

Neti Group will waive non-recurring charges commonly associated with service installation and help you accelerate your ROI for featured Neti Group's services.


  • Worldwide, seamless networking - link sites around the globe with the reach and capacity of our extensive ATM network.
  • Single, worldwide provider - streamlines contracts, provisioning, and ongoing service.
  • Flexible QoS solutions - accommodates dynamic application mix and traffic growth.
  • Consolidated networking - reduces management load, total bandwidth requirements and expenses.
  • 24x7 network reliability - monitoring, service, and support backs transmission reliability.
  • Flexible, scalable implementation - connect via our Access Service or Colocation Services or Metro Service.
  • Leverage existing lower speed networking - with full Frame Relay-to-ATM interworking, as well as utilizing our ATM-to-IP interworking capabilities.
  • Online management tool - track the status of existing orders through iControl.

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With Neti Group Remote VPN Access, accessing the office whenever and from wherever has never been easier. Whether traveling across the country, working on the other side of the world, or simply telecommuting from home, remote users and sites can access a network connection that establishes a secure IPSec tunnel across the Internet to take them to work on your network.

Neti Group offers you two different Remote VPN Access options to best fit your networking needs:

  • Mobility - software-based client, single laptops/desktops - for remote and mobile users
  • Site - hardware-based (CPE), multiple PCs (LAN) - for remote sites and small offices


  • Secure - integrated with Neti Group Internet Dial so that the remote VPN access client is automatically launched, and when the client is closed, the Internet connection is automatically dropped -- ensuring that all Internet access is through your security protocols.
  • Flexible network-based solution - supports your existing Neti Group IP VPN or Frame Relay/ATM service through a single IP Gateway port and network connection at a designated location.
  • Unmatched reach and connectivity - securely connect off-net locations from practically anywhere using any ISP, Traveling- users can use the Neti Group Internet Dialer to reach the Internet. With over 20,000 local PoPs worldwide, you can make local calls from over 150 countries - saving big time onlong distance phone calls.
  • Reduce the cost of roaming - provides secure powerful broadband connection through broadband DSL, dial up, cable and wireless, and low-cost software or IPSec-capable Cpe routers versus dedicated high-end devices. Pricing is based on customer's concurrent user or bandwidth requirements, not number of end users.
  • Multiple billing options - Neti Group offers two different remote VPN access billing models for the Mobility option, to best fit your networking needs: User Reservation Model and the Bandwidth Reservation Model.
  • Maintain control - industry-leading online account management tool, iControl gives you access to the information you need. Manage and maintain your own RADIUS (Remote Access Dial In User Service), or leverage Neti Groups network-based RADIUS AAA server to authenticate end users. Use iControl for account management - add, delete and change user information.

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Industry Leading Private VoIP Platform Provides Carrier Class Quality, Reliability, Security
Connect and complete packet-based inbound and outbound calls over Neti Group's private multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network with our VoIP service offers for enterprises. Our fully interoperable voice network delivers carrier-class quality, reliability and security, which are unavailable to enterprises from public Internet based voice services. VoIP packets receive the highest priority on our IP backbone, which translates into minimized latency, packet loss and jitter as well as overall call quality that is consistent and predictable.

Neti Group's Enterprise VoIP Service portfolio reduces your total cost of ownership, and positions you with a service provider that will help you move towards a fully converged IP network when you're ready.

The following offers may be provisioned over the same network, minimizing the administration and network management, while providing a converged IP solution:

  • Neti Group VoIP On-net Transport
  • Neti Group VoIP Outbound
  • Neti Group VoIP Toll Free
  • Neti Group VoIP On-net Plus

Neti Group Managed VoIP Services

Neti Group Enterprise VoIP Benefits

Customer-specific migration path to VoIP

  • Interoperable VoIP and TDM voice platform creates non-disruptive migration path enabling enterprises to migrate on their own schedule
  • Nearly 5 years VoIP deployment expertise - global VoIP network

Understand enterprise VoIP migration challenges - deployed internally to over 50 sites worldwide

No Risk Interoperability Testing

  • Equipment compatibility validated through interoperability testing over the Public Internet before access circuits are provisioned and before service turn-up
  • No expenses if not compatible

No network down-time at cut-over

Increased Network Security

  • Session Border Controller provides a secure interconnection point that protects both Neti Group's and the enterprise's networks from each other
  • IP address of each network are hidden using bi-directional network address translation (NAT)
  • Enterprises can use either public or private IP addresses

Enterprises will be using Neti Group's MPLS backbone not the public Internet

Increased Network Quality

  • Reduce latency because of single pop-to-pop fiber optic route
  • Redundancy via mated pair of Session Border Controllers with automatic fail over
  • Traffic transported over private backbone

SLAs for jitter, packet loss, latency and post dial delay

Increased Reliability

  • Service quality equal to or better than traditional voice technologies
  • Superior to what enterprises can expect from providers who use the public Internet for transport

SLAs for availability, call completion rates and answer success ratios

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Speak freely, communicate globally
Talk to offices, customers, and business partners around the world with Neti Group Direct Dial Services. Direct Dial Services with a single rate and a single bill for international calls. (Local and national calling available too.) Eliminate the frustrations of patchwork international calling services and inscrutable bills with Neti Group's seamless network and integrated services.

New voice customers can enjoy the quality and reliability of our voice services at low U.S. interstate rates of 2 cents per minute dedicated and 4 cents per minute for switched voice services.

Qualified customers in London may obtain high quality voice termination whilst reducing their costs. FEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Worldwide, seamless service - call to 240 countries worldwide.
  • National service in the United Kingdom and the United States - local, interstate, and intrastate calling (connect to in-country, in-state, or out-of-state locations).
  • Quality and reliability - calls route over ultra-high bandwidth Neti Group network with speed, clarity and network reliability backed by competitive customer support.
  • Flexible, future-proof solutions - ready to move you to next-generation IP-based communications and data transmission.

"Any-distance pricing" - prices are the same regardless of originating country for international calling. Allows you to

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Access your world from the road the easy way
Dial your most frequently called numbers, connect to information services, and access your associates and customers in hundreds of countries. Whether you use SpeedLink™ or Global Acclaim™, your world will seem a little smaller, and easier to reach with Neti Group Calling Card Services™.


  • Call routing - automatically direct calls according to program parameters and call center resource allocation.
  • Call blocking - eliminate calls from areas outside the boundaries of specific response or service programs.
  • SMS Emergency ReRoute - real time disaster recovery rerouting of your traffic to a back-up carrier when an outage is experienced creating a safety net for your voice communications.
  • Flexible enhanced routing - no need to wait for a disaster to hit, with the powerful portfolio of enhanced routing services and the flexibility of SMS Emergency ReRoute, optimize and balance your traffic between call centers or between carriers today.
  • Interactive Voice Response Service - gives you the ability to handle high volumes of calls with minimal investment in staffing and training.

Online account management - enables you to maintain a dynamic solution that changes with your changing needs. Utilize iControl to provision and maintain toll free services real time.

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Value-added service for full-service customers
Business Line Service from Neti Group provides advanced local calling service with features like call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, and speed dial. This value-add service is only available bundled with other Neti Group services and provides an integrated offering across multiple states, consolidated provisioning, maintenance and billing functions, thus greatly simplifying many administrative tasks, including your invoice. Receive one invoice for all Neti Group Services with call details.

Each local line gives you access to the network for placing local calls and the ability to reach the network of your designated carrier to place long distance calls without having to change your current system or telephone numbers. Business Line customers also receive a white page and yellow page directory listing, plus access to 911 service (if available in the community). All local service lines are provided with touch-tone calling. Minimum usage guarantees and line minimums may apply.

Of course we have full service customer support that delivers the day-to-day support you need for reliable around-the-clock operations, but did you know we also offer iControl? You stay in control from wherever you are with iControl, our comprehensive web-based account management portal. Gain account information, order services, interact with customer service, track performance, and receive instant updates on service tickets, securely and instantly, with our industry-leading online full-service customer support system. It's flexible and free with all Neti Group services.

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